ok, so i just found this community through vegan cooking and it excited me quite a bit!

i've been vegan for about 2 months now, and i am really loving it.
i've been going crazy looking for vegan cookie/cake/etc. recipes and my dormmates think i'm insane because i am always baking up a storm. haha.

anyway. i would LOVE to trade someone something! that would be wonderful. the best things i've made so far are chocolate chip bars and cookies and chocolate cake.

would anyone like to trade sometime soon?


mailable goodies?

hey, i am finally going to have my own kitchen again in a week when i move into my new apartment, and i want to use it! i'm thinking that i want to make some goodies to send to friends back home, most likely cookies, and i'm looking for recipes that travel well. i've never sent anything like this through the mail before, so good recipes for packing, packing tips, any other advice would be appreciated. thanks!

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my roommates going on tour for 2 weeks so i'm baking her band crazy stuff tomorrow night. i figure while i'm at it, if anyone wants to do a trade with fudge/cookies/muffins/cupcakes i'm good to go. <3

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Hi.. I had a recipe request.. if anyone has any suggestions.

I was looking for some kind of fruit dip.

I can not remember what fruit dips are like... I was thinking a sweet creamy dip made from (tofutti)cream cheese? or tofu?

If anyone has vegan or non vegan recipes that i can veganize, that would be awesome.

I am having a last minute potluck tonight- strictly fruits and deserts.


Birthday Cake

I have a request....

My 21st birthday is on Monday the 26th...I really wanted to have a birthday cake...and Im definately NOT a baker. I searched online for someplace...and they either dont deliever or are closed for the summer.

I am willing to pay for a nice vegan birthday cake. :)

I dont need the cake right a way....just some time in the next month or so.

I work at Farm Sanctuary and would love to bring a yummy vegan cake to work to help celebrate my bday :)
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