corpse_sing (corpse_sing) wrote in vegan_treats,


Hey all. I thought I'd introduce myself since I joined last night. I'm Quinn--San Francisco inhabitant, vegan (mostly) for 5 years, knowledgable about alternative medicine and all sorts of diets, physics major, pagan earth-worshipper and world-wanderer. I'm currently living abroad in Budapest, Hungary for a school program. I'll be in Cambridge, Mass. in the summer and back to the mother-land (sf) in the fall. I'm going to live with my best friend and we plan on starting a youth solidarity movement...intellectual, politically charged, animal & human rights inspired--emphasis on SOLIDARITY. I like reading, writing, dancing, studying shamanism, doing math and participating in the bdsm community in my spare time. I am extremely passionate, intense and I don't know what else to add haha...vegan food is amazing! I have a list of vegan restaurants all over the world, it's one of my favorite travel-projects. I'm into raw food and macrobiotics as well. Nice to meet you all and sorry to freak you out with my openness if I have...I'm kind of a hippy kid. ^_^ And by the way, I've been coming off a slump and am a full-on vegan once more--soooo glad----and am looking for some support buddies, people to fast with, swap recipes and venture into maybe a 50/50 raw/vegan thing if anybody is interested--I'd love to be your friend.


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