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sorry if this has already been posted. let me know and ill delete it. i got this in a newsletter this morning. if anyone knows anything more about this, let me know.

"Breaking News: The Gelatin Controversy

Just last week, Vegan Supreme Marshmallows and its
key ingredient Emes Kosher Gel were pulled from stores
everywhere due to allegations that the popular vegan
gelatin contained animal products.

Long praised for its amazing likeness to animal-based
gelatin, many concerned members of the veg community
are starting to wonder about the suspiciously close

In 2004, Dr. Ken Burke of Loma Linda University
received a sample of the gelatin from colleague Kay
Hansen. He tested the substance and found that fresh
fruit responds to it in such a way as to indicate the
presence of bromelain, which occurs in gelatin but not
plant-based gums.

Hansen, who runs the Live for Health Wellness Center
in Oregon, had it sent to a lab, which indicated the
sample to be 55% gelatin. When presented with lab
results from Emes, she responded that their test only
checked for contaminants. She told VN that the
company's declaration that the substance “contains no
animal matter” refers to E. Coli, not collagen.

An associate of Hansen's, Carrie Beets, also had Emes
Kosher Gel tested in a lab, and the results matched
those of Hansen’s.

Emes Kosher Gel Vice President of Operations Ted
Loomos told VN that the allegations are false.
Companies like Vegan Supreme who used the gelatin were
not aware that there was any possibility of animal
matter in the product.

From VegNews newsletter"

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