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Recently, a one-time-only cookie swap was set up by a member of vegancooking, and seemed pretty successful and fun. I've decided to set up a monthly version of the same thing, since I enjoyed participating in it so much. I already have a handful of people, but obviously it works better and is more fun with more participants!

The way it works: on the first of each month, I'll e-mail you the information of a fellow LJer, and you have until the 15th to send them a batch of delicious vegan cookies! You will obviously also be receiving cookies from someone. Everyone includes the recipe they used, so you can add to your baking repertoire. It's fun and delicious. ;)

I'm disabling comments to this because LJ is being miserable and is not sending me comments. Instead, e-mail me at with the following info filled out if you are interested. This will start on Feb. 1, as the first cookie swap is currently going on!

LJ Username:
You are willing to ship as far as:
Special Instructions:

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