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Add Me Veg - Active Community!

Add Me Veg - an 'Add Me' community aimed at vegetarian and vegan friends on livejournal!


I love my omnivore friends, but sometimes its nice to have a few fellow veg*ns on one's friends' list, swap recipes, discuss dinner ideas, and share ideals about animal welfare and animal protection
Not to mention, not have to explain yourself about your dietary choices (unless you wish to).

Promises to be a drama free, non-snarky, fun space!

Looking forward to seeing you over there!!

Just saying hi

It doesn't look like you all are too actiVe, but I figured I'd post and also check out the vegan swap.

I love to cook/bake and often post about it on my blog (not at LJ yet as I just joined up). Also, I am a vegan soap maker. I'm not sure that qualifies as a treat, since they are not edible.

Drop me a line or start posting to let me know you are out there!


Hey all. I thought I'd introduce myself since I joined last night. I'm Quinn--San Francisco inhabitant, vegan (mostly) for 5 years, knowledgable about alternative medicine and all sorts of diets, physics major, pagan earth-worshipper and world-wanderer. I'm currently living abroad in Budapest, Hungary for a school program. I'll be in Cambridge, Mass. in the summer and back to the mother-land (sf) in the fall. I'm going to live with my best friend and we plan on starting a youth solidarity movement...intellectual, politically charged, animal & human rights inspired--emphasis on SOLIDARITY. I like reading, writing, dancing, studying shamanism, doing math and participating in the bdsm community in my spare time. I am extremely passionate, intense and I don't know what else to add haha...vegan food is amazing! I have a list of vegan restaurants all over the world, it's one of my favorite travel-projects. I'm into raw food and macrobiotics as well. Nice to meet you all and sorry to freak you out with my openness if I have...I'm kind of a hippy kid. ^_^ And by the way, I've been coming off a slump and am a full-on vegan once more--soooo glad----and am looking for some support buddies, people to fast with, swap recipes and venture into maybe a 50/50 raw/vegan thing if anybody is interested--I'd love to be your friend.




my son's birthday is coming up and i would really really like to have cupcakes instead of cake.

does anyone know of a place where i can buy vegan cupcakes in chicago? and also have you tried them yourself? are they good?

i have plenty of non-vegans coming so i would like for them to enjoy the cupcakes as much as the vegans will.

thanks so much.
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sorry if this has already been posted. let me know and ill delete it. i got this in a newsletter this morning. if anyone knows anything more about this, let me know.

"Breaking News: The Gelatin Controversy

Just last week, Vegan Supreme Marshmallows and its
key ingredient Emes Kosher Gel were pulled from stores
everywhere due to allegations that the popular vegan
gelatin contained animal products.

Long praised for its amazing likeness to animal-based
gelatin, many concerned members of the veg community
are starting to wonder about the suspiciously close

In 2004, Dr. Ken Burke of Loma Linda University
received a sample of the gelatin from colleague Kay
Hansen. He tested the substance and found that fresh
fruit responds to it in such a way as to indicate the
presence of bromelain, which occurs in gelatin but not
plant-based gums.

Hansen, who runs the Live for Health Wellness Center
in Oregon, had it sent to a lab, which indicated the
sample to be 55% gelatin. When presented with lab
results from Emes, she responded that their test only
checked for contaminants. She told VN that the
company's declaration that the substance “contains no
animal matter” refers to E. Coli, not collagen.

An associate of Hansen's, Carrie Beets, also had Emes
Kosher Gel tested in a lab, and the results matched
those of Hansen’s.

Emes Kosher Gel Vice President of Operations Ted
Loomos told VN that the allegations are false.
Companies like Vegan Supreme who used the gelatin were
not aware that there was any possibility of animal
matter in the product.

From VegNews newsletter"



I would like to learn how to make Sorbet rather than spend the excessive amount of money on it.
Anyone have any tried nd true recipes, even method would be cool cause I can easily come up with my own flavour combinations.
Any help in appreciated.